The Niue population living in Aotearoa New Zealand is the fourth largest Pacific community,

comprising 22,473 or eight percent of the Pacific population.

The majority of the Niue people in the world today (74 percent) were born in New Zealand;

with  most living in the Auckland region.

In 2006, 25 percent of the Niue population living in New Zealand were able to hold an everyday Vagahau Niue conversation.

Today only 11 percent of the New Zealand-born Niueans are able to speak Vagahau Niue according to the last Census.

Lagomatai e tau fanau ha tautolu, fakaaoga e Vagahau Niue,

here are some resources to assist you:

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100 The War Heroes from Hakupu-Atua Village in Niue “Lest We Forget”
Ko e Tau Toa Kautau mai he Maaga Hakupu-Atua i Niue “Neke Nimo i a Tautolu”

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